Outdoor Signs

Advertising from your storefront makes sense and it works! Low-tack adhesive vinyl makes application and removal an easy procedure. Vinyl window lettering does not iWe make outdoor signs that will last at least 15 years (you have our guarantee) despite increasing levels of UV radiation and acid rain. In fact, signs that we made 15 years ago are still good looking and may last another 10 years providing of course that the messages are still relevant. All the signs we make are custom made to reflect the greatest product value for the lowest price. Our customers decide (with our help and advice) which materials should be used to combine versatility, good looks and durability. Come down to Plastic -Tech to see what we can do for you or... email us your questions. We will be glad to answer promptly.nterfere with glass cleaning.

Realtor Signs

Ultralight and super tough, Coroplast is the material of choice for portable signs. Coroplast is available in 13 colors.

Magnetic Signs

Let's be realistic: anyone who's all thumbs can make something with a computer but it takes a graphic artist with flair and poise to make a sign that looks great. Plastic-Tech's graphic artist makes some of the best signs around town and he offers a 25% discount on a pair of magnetic signs. Please remember that prices vary with job complexity.

Lighted Signs

Plastic-Tech makes affordable back-lit sign faces for outdoor and indoor advertising and tradeshows. No job is too small or too big and your satisfaction is our focus. Bring a drawing or just an idea and we will furnish a quote that will make sense. Customers' needs are naturally diverse: some may need just a weatherproof covering for a handpainted paper banner, others only need a new sign face for an old sign and some need everything that can be thought of... including electricity! We can't help much with that but we'll make it ready to be plugged into the grid.


Banners can be single or double sided. Maximum letter height is 12 inches. Banner cloth is waterproof, tough and reusable. Grommets are made of brass for long life. Please ask for a price quote.