Pizza cutter

Fabricated entirely out of plastic, these pizza cutters are just as effective as their metal counterparts and considerably cheaper to produce. Durable and reusable, they are affordable enough to be disposable as well.

Box of 100 units:

Box of 1000 units:

Raffle drum

Our raffle drums are made of durable acrylic and are available in a variety of colors to meet your exact specifications. Access into the drum is available through a hinged door which is latched shut when the device is spun. Unlike most acrylic raffle drums on the market, our version includes a detachable crank to allow faster, easier and more consistent spinning.

Size: Diameter: Length: Height: Tickets: Price:
Small 9" 11" 12" 2,500 $253.50
Medium 14" 18" 17" 3,500 $637.50
Large 24" 36" 27" 20,000 $1348.35
X Large 36" 48" 39" 36,000 $3281.85
XX Large 48" 48" 51" 48,000 $5475.00

Currently, we only carry the "small" size in stock.
All other sizes can be manufactured within 10 days of the order.
Custom sizes are also available specific to your request.

Paper-towel stand

The paper-towel stands designed by Plastic-Tech, Inc. are made from crystal-clear solid acrylic rods with heavy acrylic bases. Each piece is hand finished and a custom flame polish is applied to all of the exposed edges and sides of the paper-towel stands. Each paper-towel stand measures approximately thirteen inches tall with a base that is eight inches in diameter.


Toilet paper dispenser

The toilet paper dispensers designed by Plastic-Tech, Inc. are uniquely designed to accept a toilet paper roll in the vertical position. The benefit of this design is the simplicity of loading or unloading a roll without a loss of functionality. There are no spring-loaded collapsing tubes to contend with, and the vertical design ensures that it cannot be used as an "unspooling toy" by curious pets. Each unit is hand finished with a custom flame polish applied to all of the exposed edges. Each unit measures approximately four and a half inches wide by six inches tall.


Napkin dispenser

The acrylic napkin dispensors designed by Plastic-Tech, Inc. are a stylish and elegant solution to an everyday problem. As typical with Plastic-Tech, Inc. designs, the napkin dispensor was fashioned with aesthetic functionality in mind. The heavy acrylic bar automatically adjusts itself in height with accordance to the amount of napkins loaded in the tray, and its constant weight keeps the napkins in place until you want them.